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Monitors Video Encoding Modulator Assembly

An encoder is a device that converts a physical quantity into a digital format. The role of an encoder in a motion control system is to convert parameters such as position and Angle into digital quantities. Various types of encoders can be formed by using such mechanisms as electrical contact, magnetic effect, capacitive effect and photoelectric conversion. The most common encoder in motion control system is photoelectric encoder.

Photoelectric encoders are divided into rotary photoelectric encoders and linear photoelectric encoders according to their different uses, which are respectively used to measure rotation Angle and linear size. The key component of the photoelectric encoder is the photoelectric coding device. In the rotating photoelectric encoder, it is the codewheel or codedisk, while in the linear photoelectric encoder, it is the codestrip. The yardstick and yardstick can be made of metal, glass, polymer and other materials according to the purpose and cost. The principle of the yardstick and yardstick is to generate digital optical signals representing the position of movement during the movement.

Brands Encoding Modulator Assembly

A combination of shading and transmittance parts formed according to certain coding rules is engraved on a code plate concentric with the measured axis. On one side of the code ring is the light source of led or incandescent lamp, and on the other side is the photoelectric device to receive the light. With the rotation of the code plate along with the measured axis, the beam passing through the code plate will be interrupted, and the output of specific electrical signals will be generated through the reception of photoelectric devices and the processing of electronic circuits, and the position and velocity information can be calculated after digital processing.

This is the principle of transmission photoelectric encoder. It is obvious that photoelectric encoder can also be made by using the principle of light reflection. On modern high-resolution code plates, the light transmittance and shading parts are very thin narrow slits and lines, so they are also called circular gratings. The included Angle between adjacent narrow gaps is called the gate distance Angle, and the light transmittance narrow gap and the shading part account for about 1/2 of the gate distance Angle respectively. The resolution of the code plate is expressed as a per-revolution count, or the number of pulses that can be generated during the photoelectric detection part of a code rotation. For example, if the CPR for a yard plate is 2,048, the Angle of resolution is 10,311.8 ". A special slit (or set of slots) is usually arranged on the code tray to generate an index or zero signal. This signal can be used by a measuring device or motion control system to generate a return to zero or reset operation.

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Photoelectric encoder is a kind of binary photoelectric position indicator, whose basic principle is to obtain the binary digital signal of Angle position through photoelectric element by stripes of light and dark with different equal division, and finally decode to obtain the absolute value or relative value of Angle position. The absolute encoder is always unique in its code shape, which gives the position of the length or Angle. Photoelectric encoder consists of light source, code plate and photoelectric receiver. The code tray is the most important component in an encoder. It is an eight-bit encoder code plate and encoder working principle diagram. The yardstick here is a natural yardstick. Absolute encoders come in many forms. One type of code disk called gray code is particularly suitable for optical encoders. This kind of code plate into a grid only change a digital, not easy to produce error code phenomenon.

Video Encoding Assembly for Sale

Another category of photoelectric encoders is incremental encoders. Its yard is made up of stripes of light and dark. In general, incremental encoders with the same resolution accuracy are much cheaper than absolute encoders. Incremental encoders also have some ways to improve resolution accuracy. Generally, the incremental grating code plate has four engraved channels, two of which are striping codes of light and dark, and the other two are power brightness indicator codes. The two codes are staggered so that the encoder of the code plate can not only give the Angle and size of the code plate motion, but also give the direction of the code plate motion. At the same time, when the square wave pulse information of the grating code plate is input into the clockwise and counterclockwise increment and decrease counters, the square wave information of the two stripes codes can be decomposed into one, two or four times fine signals to improve the resolution of the encoder. If the quality of the grating tray is good, this fine fourfold signal can be accurate to one half of each signal pulse.

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