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Bare Printed Circuit Board Process Testing Methods

To improve the production and assembly process of the PCB, we follow a wide variety of Printed Circuit Board Testing Methods and PCB testing tools to maintain PCB standards. We maintain best PCB testing procedures to maintain zero defect products. Some of the best PCB testing methods or PCB failure analysis test and testing tools were used in Argus defined and followed PCB testing process. The tested PCB has the highest success rate and offers an advantage for all customers and users equally. There are various Printed Circuit Board Testing Methods, below we are trying to capture commonly used methods and which are found to be most effective in testing Printing circuit boards.


China Printed Circuit Board Process

It has to be noted that assembly of a circuit board is different from manufacturing a circuit board. Manufacturing printed circuit boards involve several processes including PCB designing and creating PCB prototype. Once a PCB is ready, electronic components need to be soldered onto it before it can be used in any electronic equipment or gadget. This assembly of electronic components depends on type of circuit board, type of electronic components and purpose of the circuit board.


Custom Printed Circuit Board Testing Methods

First thing you have to do when you choose the manufacturer or the assembler of your PCBs is to inquire about their testing procedures for quality assurance. This is mostly because PCB testing is crucial in determining the quality, functionality, and performance of a printed circuit board. Generally, PCB testing includes high-voltage E-test, X-ray gold thickness test, back lighting test, automatic optical inspection, copper thickness test, photo electricity balance test, etc.


Bare Printed Circuit Board Company

To guarantee that PCBs runs properly without faults and malfunctions, professional PCB manufacturers and assemblers test all components of the product from the ground up. This way you, are guaranteed to get products without any flaws. This, in turn, will keep you from incurring any losses because the products will be up to the standards of the required quality, consistency, and performance. With our PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service, we promise you high quality products that undergo all tests mentioned above. To place your order right now, contact us and get an instant quote.


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