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Today's smart apparel and automotive electronic products develop increasingly towards small, light, thin, short, muti-function change direction, ensuring the smooth implementation of the manufacturing process and product quality under the premise of reliable, how to achieve efficient, safe, low cost and environmentally friendly mobile phone assembly to create new materials, what challenges PCBA circuit board assembly and circuit board testing and detection technology will face, and in which direction development, from the ICT test, flying probe tester, AOI inspection, X - RAY RAY detection, 3 d - SPI three-dimensional visual inspection, SMT first detector, etc. It has become one of the important hot topics in electronics manufacturing industry.

SMT patch and DIP plug-in welding OEM manufacturers can improve their processes by investing in advanced equipment, increasing their profitability and making more profits. With the rapid development of PCBA electronic components towards refinement, miniaturization and complexity, higher testing requirements are put forward for PCBA circuit board welding manufacturers -- even the slightest error may bring irreversible fatal injury to products. Therefore, in order to reduce the welding defects of products and ensure the rate of good quality, many electronic manufacturing enterprises actively look for industrial testing schemes with test, measurement and detection technology as the core to provide strong support for products.

Electronic chip components have reached the size of 03015, which requires more and more accuracy. The speed and quality of traditional visual inspection (MVI) products cannot meet the requirements of industrialization. In such an environment, a variety of automatic inspection equipment has emerged. For example, ICT In Circuit Test, FCT Function Test, AOI Auto Optical Inspection, Auto X-ray Inspection AXI, aging Test, fatigue Test, poor environment Test and so on.

China Best Contract Manufacturing Companies

In the process of circuit board assembly (PCBA), how to find the poor quality in the production process in advance and analyze and solve it as early as possible can reduce losses and increase profits for the electronic manufacturing industry. Therefore, product testing has become an indispensable procedure in the electronic manufacturing process. Therefore, ICT technology has been developing rapidly.

ICT is the abbreviation of In Circuit Test, Chinese online tester (or ATE Auto Test Equipment), Circuit board is a kind of automatic testing instrument, also known as static tester (small because it only input voltage or current to Test, will not damage the Circuit board), the online Test is a kind of open Circuit, do not remove the components testing technology, the main function In the Test Circuit board short Circuit, open Circuit, and various electronic components such as resistor, capacitor, diode, triode, transistors, IC... And other parts are wrong parts, missing parts, defective parts, poor assembly, and clearly pointed out the specific location of defects, help users to ensure the quality of products, improve the maintenance efficiency of defective products.

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ICT general production In accordance with the difference has an off-line (Off - Line) and on-line (In - Line), ICT usually need according to the product size and position of electronic components customized test fixture, and In order to meet the short delivery of the production of the samples, a variety of flexible production capacity, and flying probe tester (advantage is no test fixture), the test pin programmable mobile location, but because the test time and slow speed of new programs, normally used for sample of production test, and quantity of the product is direct use of ICT can maximize the capacity.

ICT is like a powerful multimeter that effectively isolates electronic component tests on circuit boards, whereas multimeters do not. ICT is a static test (no power on) for resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, triode... Common electronic components specifications, short circuit, broken circuit collocation of the manufacturers of testing technology to test judgment, in addition to the test process can also be burned IC data.

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ICT is used at the back end of the SMT process, usually behind the SMT line (after the Reflow Reflow process), to screen out the defects of the SMT process through the test of ICT, and to warn in advance whether the yield of SMT production is abnormal. Due to the ICT to be tested on different position of electronic components on printed circuit boards, so must make the ICT test fixture for different products to match, and the test fixture for ICT to label, different models has the type of vacuum type, pressure type, the use of different specifications and the number of probes general (size, shape, diameter) to contact circuit boards or electronic components, high density PCB electronic components and when there is no space needle which may not be able to use ICT, so conditions of the use of ICT has limits.

ICT test fixture for electronic products the element number of high and low, location distribution of difference, the number of the probe and the density in yingzhou, the probe contact circuit board testing, circuit board may exceed the permitted range of the pressure (stress) caused by deformation of circuit board, it may cause the damage of circuit board products hidden trouble, so usually need to be before importing the ICT test fixture stress strain test, the strain value fell to allow the safe range.

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