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Prototype PC Board Fabrication Service

Your Reliable PCB Prototype & PCB Fabrication Manufacturer Online! We are specialized in quick turn prototype and providing reliable printed circuit board, especially HDI, blind and buried board. We also commit ourselves to improving customers' satisfaction with reliable production quality and efficient service. Moreover, all PCB files will be checked by our PCB engineer before manufacturing to avoid any pre-process mistake.


Custom Prototype PC Board Fabrication

We are EMS/OEM printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer. Our full range of PCB manufacturing service can fit all of your printed circuit board capability needs. Whether small quantity or large scale production, custom specifications or quick turn PCB etc., all are acceptable. For our company, no order is too small or too large.


Sales PCB Prototype Service

Specialized service that allows us to take into account difficult designs, ready them for assembly, and test them out devoid of your needing to be worried about printed circuit board assembly workmanship. The prototype PCB assy area of our manufacturing unit contains a layout design which enables stable performance. Our team is qualified and professional in maintaining fine-pitch components. Our team is efficient at manufacturing prototype PCB assy volumes of multilayer printed circuit boards.


Turnkey PCB board assembly is our foremost work, even at the prototype level. We have hired master technical engineers and created beneficial instructions for each stage of the PCB fabricating process so our customers will be able to profit from our PCB prototyping, materials seeking and circuit board assembly services. Simultaneously, we offer a fractional Turnkey service that gives us the opportunity to assemble part kits based on the shoppers standards.


Prototype PCB Fabrication Promotions

Perfect for testing or one-offs, utilize our entry-level prototype PCB services with a great deal of boards completed in a few days. With our extensive prototype PCB fabrication capabilities, we are confident that we will exceed your company's expectations for all of your simple to complex PCB prototype requirements. We provide production quantity PCBs at competitive go-to-market pricing. We have the capabilities to manufacture your production printed circuit boards in-house.


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