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PCB Contract Assembly Outsourcing

Although there are advantages for CMs to outsource PCB assembly, it may be preferable from the PCB designers perspective to designate the assembler as the responsible turnkey PCB manufacturing provider. This is because board assembly is far more involved and difficult to perform than fabrication. Assembly also requires more equipment, including a pick-and-place machine; selective solder machine; solder paste printer; reflow oven; manual solder station(s); rework station(s); and depanelizer, along with reliable computing equipment and software. Due to the need for experienced personnel, supplies, overhead and facilities, PCB assembly is more costly than fabrication. However, board assembly is more precise, which maximizes quality control and enables multiple inspections to be performed.


Customized PCB Contract Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly is one of the most important steps in PCB fabrication that involves all the components that are required to produce the complete PCB. There are 2 methods to construct a printed circuit board assembly; namely, Surface Mount Technique (SMT) and Through-Hole Technique (THT). SMT is helpful where there is limited space and THT provides strength to the component.


Using different conductive pathways, traces and tracks to mechanically connect different electronic components, PCB assembly includes varied components that are selectively etched from laminated copper sheets. These are then put onto the non-conductive substrate. The components leads are then carefully attached to the PCB layout with the help of soft metal soldering.


PCB Assembly Outsourcing Quotes

A printed circuit board, also known as PCB, is a plastic board especially manufactured to connect electronic components found in devices such as beepers and pagers. But in fact, PCB is used in almost all computers and electronics. The board is made up of a non-conductive material like fiberglass or plastic, while conductive tracks, pads and other features are etched from a metal sheet (e.g. copper) laminated in the non-conductive substrate.


Ever since the discovery of the PCB technology, numerous industries are being inaugurated and developed on a regional to a global scale within the time period of three years. This is clear proof of the fact that the PCB niche in technology is quite promising, provided it is well planned and executed. China is the largest country in Asia which reaps the benefits of low costs and a readily available market. The gradual shift from conventional technology to PCB in China is because of the affordable costs and downstream industry transformation.


PCB Assembly Suppliers Price

When investing in printed circuit board assembly for small batch PCBs, it is important that you consider several factors during the entire process. While it may not seem that important in the long run, these small details have the ability to cut costs. Here are some basic guidelines to follow in order to ensure the cost of your circuit board assembly does not reach astronomical heights.


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