Inspi tell you how to save PCB assembly cost-2


Minimize trace length

Try to place the printed circuit board assembly in a way that minimizes the length of the trace without compromising functionality.

Component orientation

If possible, make sure your components are placed at 0° or 90° in the PCB design. Point the components in the same direction as much as possible and ensure that all polarized parts are oriented in the same direction. Avoid placing components at odd angles unless necessary.

Spacer components in board design

It is preferable to evenly space the components horizontally and vertically, leaving at least 100 mils between each component and at least 100 mils from the edge of the board to minimize assembly costs.

Board completion

Consult with  Inspi, your PCB assembly provider, to ensure that the surface treatment you choose is best suited for the pcb assembly process.

Board design software

Using board design software, the software has a library of components, such as BCHartus®, to avoid creating component packages from scratch.

Advanced PCB assembly design and board design should complement each other, saving manual assembly costs.

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