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SMT electronic equipment assembly and connection technology, referred to as electronic assembly technology, is the integration of electronic parts and components according to the design requirements to assemble into a complete machine, is the main production link of electronic complete machine products according to the design requirements.

Assembly refers to the use of fasteners, adhesives, etc., to assemble the electronic parts of products into a new component according to the requirements, and finally assemble into products. The main connection methods include screw mounting, riveting, bonding, pressing, winding and surface mounting.

The basic requirements of installation are as follows: the parts, parts and whole parts installed must be inspected and qualified to meet the technical requirements. The appearance should be free of scars and the coating should be free of damage. During installation, the lead direction and polarity installation position of electronic components and mechanical installation parts shall be correct, and shall not be askew. The packaging shell of electronic components shall not touch each other. Electronic components to be mechanically installed shall be fixed before welding and shall not be adjusted for installation after welding.

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All packages shall not be unsealed during installation, except for special requirements. The mechanical moving part in the installation must be smooth and free without any blocking. During installation, the foreign body inside the machine should be cleaned to eliminate the hidden danger of causing short circuit fault. Where lubricants, fasteners and adhesives need to be applied during installation, they should be in place, evenly and appropriately. Insulation wire through the metal frame hole, there should be no tip burr, to prevent the generation of tip discharge. When installing the ground wire solder strip with fasteners, remove the coating and oxide layer from the mounting position to ensure good contact.

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The Contract Electronic Assembly sequence and principle of the whole machine are divided according to the assembly level. The assembly of the whole machine is carried out according to the component level, plug-in level, insert box board level and box and cabinet level. The assembly process component level of the electronic whole machine is the lowest assembly level. Plug-in level: used for assembling and interconnecting electronic components. Board level: plug-in or printed circuit board components used for mounting and interconnecting. Box, cabinet level: it is mainly through the cable and connector interconnection plug-in and plug box, and through the power supply cable to form an independent electronic instrument, equipment and system with certain functions.

The general principle of the whole machine assembly is: first light, then heavy, first small, then big, first riveting after not inspected qualified assembly parts (zero, part, whole) shall not be installed, has been inspected qualified assembly parts must be kept clean. Read the process documents and design documents carefully, strictly abide by the process rules. After assembly, the whole machine should meet the requirements of drawings and process documents. Strictly abide by the general order of assembly, prevent the reverse of the order, pay attention to the connection of the process before and after. Do not damage the components during the assembly process. Avoid damaging the coating layer on the chassis and components to avoid damaging the insulation performance. Master operating skills, ensure quality, and strictly implement the three inspection (self-inspection, mutual inspection and full-time inspection) system.

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Contract Electronic Assembly features: the assembly of electronic equipment is the electrical connection of electronic components with printed circuit board as the main body, and in structure, it is the sheet metal hardware and model shell that compose products, which is installed in a certain order from inside to outside through fasteners. Electronic products are technology-intensive products. The main characteristics of assembly electronic products are: the quality of assembly operation is difficult to analyze. In a variety of circumstances, it is difficult to carry out quality analysis, such as welding quality is usually judged by visual inspection, dial, knob and other assembly quality to feel identification. The personnel who carry out the assembly work must be trained and selected. Assembly methods assembly takes up a lot of time in the production process, because for a given application and production conditions, it is necessary to study several possible solutions and choose the best one among them.

At present, the assembly method of electronic equipment can be divided into functional method. In this method, a part of an electronic device is placed in a complete structural part that performs a local task (a function) of transforming or forming a signal. The component method. This method is to produce a number of external dimensions and installation size are uniform parts, at this time the functional integrity of the parts to take a back seat.

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