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The convergence layer is mainly used to reduce the load of equipment in the core layer, and plays the role of transmission and transmission. It has multiple functions such as implementation strategy, security, access of working group, routing between virtual local area networks (VLANS), source address or destination address filtering, etc. The convergence layer is easily ignored in practical applications, especially in short distance transmission, because the core layer has enough access to connect directly with the access layer. Our common two-layer network architecture is this connection mode, which can save the cost of network layout and later maintenance to a certain extent.

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Convergence layer switch is the convergence point of multiple access switches. It needs the ability to process access layer information and submit it to the uplink chain of the core layer, as well as the function of network isolation and segmentation. Therefore, most sink switches adopt switches that support three-layer switching technology and VLAN.

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The most significant advantage of the voice-activated switch is that it is simple and flexible to operate. It can turn on the light just by making a sound, which is very convenient to use at night. Internal self-designed delay device, generally in ten seconds after the automatic shutdown, eliminating the need to turn off the light this step. Do not be upset about how to do during the day, when it hears the sound, it will not turn on the light in the daytime. The sound control switch is still very intelligent, it can judge the situation according to the brightness of the light; It won't turn on the light no matter how loud it makes during the day.

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The disadvantage of sound control switch is closely related to its flexible control. A little noise will make the switch be turned on, which will cause a waste of electricity to some extent. Therefore, the sound control switch is suitable for use in a well-lit environment, otherwise there will be frequent waste of electricity.

As opposed to the sound control switch, this kind of switch will not cause the loss of electricity cost because of the slightest noise. Relative to the sound control switch, the price is relatively low, suitable for planning to calculate the cost of less friends. Disadvantages: compared with the voice control switch, the operation is more troublesome, because the need to use the hand to open, although it is a simple thing, but still some friends and small make up the same don't want to move the hand; Because it is manually opened, the process of groping for the position of the switch when it is opened, if it is too dark, it will be really slow to find it.

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