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With the increasing shift to outsourcing in electronics manufacturing, it is more important than ever that the quality and capability of your assembly partner's supplier base guarantees any business risk is minimised. Making sure that you select the right Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) is crucial not only to the long-term success of the outsourcing decision, but also to establishing and safeguarding a viable long-term supply chain.


However, selecting a contract manufacturing organization is really just the start of the process. Their ability to deliver product to you will be inextricably linked to the supporting supply chain they have in place.


Sales Electronic Manufacturing Services

Demand is higher for electronics today than ever before, and at the same time, electronics manufacturing requires ever-greater levels of skill and precision to deliver top-quality products.  Older methods of outsourcing different aspects of production are having trouble keeping up with this, as the layers of sub-contractors often cannot coordinate sufficiently well to produce a truly high-quality end product.


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The shift to a more aligned approach in recent times has meant that good CEMs are more prepared to engage in discussions far earlier in the tendering process. They are eager to be more involved in an OEM's business planning and forecasting than ever before. And their understanding and expertise is called upon not just in a practical sense, but in a broader business context.


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There is an old adage in manufacturing: Cost, quality, and delivery: pick two. Like many old sayings, this is an oversimplification. Manufacturers can create a lower-cost, high-quality product with diminished lead time - even for complex products such as printed circuit boards. The key lies in careful planning and clever design, focusing on ease of manufacture.


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