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Sending designs off to a manufacturer to reproduce on a massive scale without adequate testing can be very costly. No matter how meticulous the testing was during the PCB design process, testing during production is a necessary step to adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. Here are some specific PCB testing methods you will need to consider when evaluating a manufacturing and assembly partner.


In-circuit testing is the most highly utilized PCB testing method for its accuracy and specificity to each PCB product. Depending on the end-use of your PCBs each one or some in each batch will be tested.


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ICT involves the production of a bed of nails fixture that will connect to your circuit board for testing. Fixtures can be costly, and the price will often be figured into the fees charged by your manufacturer. Costs can vary depending on your manufacturer and the complexity of your product. In-Circuit Testing offers the best possible quality control solution for testing PCBs that will ultimately end up in the hands of consumers.


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A global manufacturing firm and value-added supplier of PCBs, including, double sided, multilayer, aluminum printed circuit boards and heavy copper printed circuit boards. Our extensive experience in printed circuit board design, supervised quality control manufacturing, and international distribution will insure your expectations are exceeded. Our focus is on quality: from engineering & design to on-time delivery of your multilayer, heavy copper and Aluminum printed circuit boards. Our offices are all technically staffed with DFM Engineers that can help support and guide your PCB designs. We are one stop shopping from quick turn to high volume production with Global Customers in North America, Caribbean, European and Asian based Customers.


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There are few parts in an electronic device that have such an impact on the final product as the printed circuit board. At first sight, PCBs differ little in appearance, irrespective of their inherent qualities. It is under the surface that we focus on the differences so critical to the PCBs durability and functionality. Customers cannot always see the difference, but they can rest assured that we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that their customers are supplied with PCBs that meet the most stringent quality standards.


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