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EPCB Cad Fabrication Process

The application proportion of PCB in the communication field has increased from 22% in 2009 to 27% in 2017. The application of PCB in the communication field is on a steady rise, mainly used in mobile phone, optical module, filter, communication backboard, communication base station antenna and other devices. In the field of computer application, PCB output value gradually decreased from 32% in 2009 to 27% in 2016. Mainly because the computer industry has slowed down this year; In the field of consumer electronics, the application proportion of PCB is basically stable, remaining at 14-15%. PCB is mainly used in household appliances, unmanned aerial vehicles, VR equipment and other products in the field of consumer electronics.

In the field of automotive electronics, PCB is mainly used in GPS navigation, car audio, car dashboard, car sensor and other equipment; In the field of industrial control and medical treatment, PCB is mainly used in industrial computer, frequency converter, measuring instrument, medical display and other equipment; In the field of aerospace, PCB is mainly used in aircraft, aviation remote sensing system, aviation radar and other equipment.

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After most engineers send PCB files, or gerber files, to the manufacturer, they can wait for the return of the board. However, many hardware r&d positions do not have the opportunity to go to PCB manufacturing plant to see the whole production process.

The raw material of PCB board factory is usually in size - 1020mmx1020mm and 1020mmx1220mm. If the size of single board or assembled board is not suitable, a lot of raw material waste edges will be produced in the PCB production process. If the board size is well designed and the size of veneer or combination board is n equal parts of the raw material, then the utilization rate of raw material is the highest, PCB board factory can make the most boards with the same raw material size, and the price of veneer is the cheapest. We buy copper clad plate, cut into the size we need, called cutting.

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Cutting equipment: (cut the large plate into small plates) the earliest copper clad plate is, is a medium layer, covered with copper on both sides. Import and modify the graphics files provided by customers through software, and finally output the graphics on the film. That is to turn the gerber files you gave to the manufacturer into film. A film is a film or silver-salt photographic film, also known as film, made from PC/PP/PET/PVC. Now it generally refers to film, but also to the negative in the process of printing. The films are all black.

The surface of the copper clad plate will be coated with a layer of photosensitive liquid, after 80 degrees of temperature test dry, and then paste on the PCB board with film, and then through ultraviolet exposure machine exposure, tear off the film.

PCB Fabrication Process Producers Price

Inner layer generally wide line distance is large, so the ring is enough; Outer general lines are relatively dense, space is not enough, so this time we need to find a way to achieve the purpose of making lines in the space is not enough. The alkali corrosion capacity can reach 1~2mil ring, but acid corrosion needs about 5mil. Therefore, tin must be used to protect the needed circuit first. Do not do alkali corrosion where possible, because alkali corrosion costs more than acid corrosion. Etch factor is the manufacturing capacity of a factory, which cannot be improved through the process. The etching ability of acid-base corrosion is different.

The machine drills holes in PCB according to the size and coordinates of the holes in the file. If it can be made into non-metallic holes, the circuit board factory must use dry film or make a second drill or plug, which will increase the cost of the board. So if you do not require, the board factory will generally do the metallization hole for you. Copper plating is a chemically thin layer of copper that is deposited on the base material (hole wall) and the surface of the copper that would otherwise not conduct electricity.

When the sample is processed, the factory generally does not do fixture testing, or manual testing; For small batches, the factory needs to make test fixtures to test the impedance and connectivity of all wiring. PCB is mainly divided into rigid board (single panel/double panel/multilayer board), flexible board, HDI substrate, IC package substrate and metal substrate.

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