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Circuit Fabricator Services to PCB

One major problem that smaller electronics companies have in terms of production is time. Your goal is to grow your business and gain a steady and growing client base, but the more orders that come in, the more difficult it may be for you to process them in a timely manner. A lack of manpower and resources can cause orders to get backed up, which can result in you losing clients and receiving bad reviews. This is where a contract manufacturer can help. By handling some or all of your assembly PCB manufacturing needs, your partner company - who should have more equipment and skilled laborers than you - will be able to help you turn orders around quickly so that you can grow into the business that you would like to become.  


Wholesale Circuit Services

We started Custom Circuit Boards because we were tired of the poor customer service and board quality from other PCB companies in the industry. We knew that we could do better. Now, every day we do our best to exceed our customer's expectations by providing exceptional personal customer service and competitively priced high-quality printed circuit boards that are delivered on time. We look forward to earning your production and quick turn prototype PCB fabrication business.


Sales Circuit Fabricator

We offer a one-stop PCB service for design, fabrication and assembly. Whether you need thousands of fully assembled boards or just a prototype, we will deliver quality guaranteed PCBs with seamless convenience. We offer many PCB material types and thicknesses, traditional and ROHS compliant manufacturing, and can assemble boards using plated-thru-hole and surface-mount components.


Circuit to PCB Factory

We are the leading manufacturer and distributor for a comprehensive range of consumable products for cost efficient, high reliability circuit assembly. Established and experts in PCB manufacturing technologies, we have grown rapidly in our home market and across the world supported by our technical team. We specialize in selling a solution to your needs.


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