Why LED Lamps are Getting Darker-1


The LED lamp source module especially traffic light is generally composed of a substrate, a chip, a packaging material, a lens, etc. 

In daily use, the long-time operation of the lighting easily causes the LED to become darker and darker, and even the light fails. For this problem, D.L. Barton has done research experiments.

There are some reasons for the failure of the LED light source module. 

Generally, the following are the main points: 

1. The packaging material is degraded; Under long-term work, the LED will cause the temperature of the LED lamp or LED lighting to rise, resulting in a large decrease in the optical transparency of many polymers in the LED exterior packaging material (such as epoxy resin), resulting in a decrease in the light-emitting efficiency of the LED; The study found that when the LED temperature reaches 95 degrees and the current is greater than 40 mA, the LED package material will be carbonized; 

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