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In home life, safe and energy-saving electricity consumption is closely related to everyone's life. It is true that after the electricity meter is replaced by the electric bureau, the electricity bill is higher. But is the extra electricity bill caused by the fast electricity meter? Many friends will say, yes, the electricity meter goes fast! But is this really the case?

The basic reading of the electricity meter, the electricity meter will generally indicate the voltage, frequency, electricity consumption and so on, and we are really related to the electricity meter degree and electricity meter specifications, the specifications of the electricity meter according to the family power calculation, accuracy and electricity meter degree is closely related! The specifications of a household watt-hour meter: 5 (20), 5 (30), 10 (40), etc.

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For example: 5 (20) means: the basic current or rated current of the meter is 5A, is used to calculate the load base current value, the current maximum value of the meter is 20A, is allowed to work for a long time, and the error and temperature rise fully meet the requirements of the maximum current value! The starting current (measuring current) of the general electricity meter is 4‰ of the basic current, so different specifications, the starting current of the electricity meter is different! Measurement accuracy is also different!

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The meter can be read accurately between the starting current and the maximum permissible current, but outside this range, it cannot be read accurately, only in the general meter of the electric bureau! Intelligent digital electronic meters and traditional mechanical meters in the accuracy and sensitivity of the difference: accuracy! It is obvious from the figure that the accuracy of the intelligent meter is much higher than that of the mechanical meter, and the metering circuit does not need compensation, there is no measurement distortion, and the accuracy is relatively high!

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On the sensitivity, intelligent electronic meter measurement starting current is very low very low, mechanical meter starting current is obviously much higher! This may also be the root cause of the current "fast meter"! Note: the previous low power consumption of household appliances: routers, chargers, a variety of standby state of household appliances, etc., when the current is less than the starting current of the mechanical electricity meter, the meter does not operate naturally to save electricity.

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But now intelligent type electricity meter sensitivity and accuracy are higher than the mechanical type electricity meter a lot, the starting current is also greatly less than the mechanical type electricity meter, so the original electrical power consumption did not measure naturally began to calculate into the measurement, so the natural electricity charge is more!

Tips for saving electricity at home: choose the right meter to meet the load of household electricity and let the starting current be low! It saves energy! Develop good electricity habits, remember to turn off the lights to avoid unnecessary waste! Try to turn off any household appliances that are in standby mode in your home. This will save you a lot of electricity in a month. Most of the tips are here!

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