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Mobile gaming revenues, which account for 49 per cent of industry revenues, are expected to fall by 10 per cent as the government tightens controls on game approvals. In China, the world's largest game market, license plate approval was halted for 268 days, and the country announced a policy to regulate the total amount of online games at the end of August last year. According to the Beijing news, the number of game plate numbers issued in 2018 dropped by nearly 80 percent year-on-year. IDC said this week that growth in China's gaming market had slowed to 5 per cent in 2018, down from an average annual growth rate of 20 per cent since 2014.

Late December, the domestic game industry plate number approval finally released the news. However, the propaganda department said that due to the large inventory of declared games, digestion will take some time. Many in the industry are also wary. Some expert said that assuming the release of game titles resumes in March, mainstream game companies may have to wait until June to normalize profit margins.

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In the first three months after the game version number is restored, at least 2000 backlogs of games will be approved and put into operation, leading to rapidly intensified market competition, high purchase cost, and significantly reduced player retention rate. For general distribution companies that lack their own traffic and IP base, the situation will be more serious, and there may be one or two quarters of "revenue without profit".

Along with the wider popularization and intelligentization of electronic products in human life, the revolution of automobile electronics and AI has provided impetus for the next round of evolution of the whole industry, and the semiconductor industry is expected to maintain vigorous vitality for a long time. China's semiconductor industry chain is gradually improving and the industrial ecosystem is gradually taking shape.

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At present, the chip industry chain of China's vertical division of labor mode has initially taken shape, and the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry have been broken through, emerging a number of strong representative local enterprises. Integrated circuit is a basic and leading industry, involving national information security. Expanding and strengthening integrated circuit industry has become the strategic leader of national industrial transformation. In recent years, the gap between China's IC technology level and the international level is gradually narrowing, and the industry has entered the track of rapid development.

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As the end of the industrial chain of the electronics industry, terminal electronics is an important component of the downstream integration of the whole industrial chain. At present, the domestic consumption of terminal electronics mainly focuses on wearable devices, mobile terminals, intelligent home, automobile electronics, military electronics, security electronics and so on. As the downstream of the whole electronics industry chain, terminal electronics is the concentrated embodiment of the electronic industry to meet customer demand for products. Traditional terminal electronics are mainly concentrated in desktop computers, terminal equipment, automobile electronics and other fields. Today's electronic terminal market mainly includes wearable devices, smart home, smart phone, tablet computer, military electronics, security electronics, automobile electronics and so on.

Business model: the sales performance of terminal products in the electronic industry is a powerful guarantee for the market value and stock price of the company. Due to the periodicity and permeability of electronic products, which change with the upgrading of technology, the grasp of the industry trend is an important factor for the company to make profits. Previous electronic products only plays the function of the terminal hardware role, but with the mobile Internet, cloud computing and the advent of the era of big data, hardware terminal also became one of the data and information terminal, wearable devices, intelligent household, automotive electronics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and so on will lead to the future development of industry growth and opportunity.

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