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We are very familiar with the projector, but for how to install the projector, a lot of people do not understand, because the installation of projection opportunities involving a lot of professional problems, here we provide the relevant knowledge of projector installation according to the experience of industry experts, and hope it will be useful to everyone.

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The installation mode of the projector can be divided into: fixed installation, desktop electric installation, alternating shear type electric lifting installation, rod lifting electric installation. Today we will tell you about fixed installation, this type of projector must be installed before the scene environment for exploration. There is a 220V ac power supply available for use in the room, and the line has a certain bearing capacity. Ensure the indoor sealing is good, cement and above standard ground, wall and roof no shedding phenomenon, reach the level 3 dust removal standard. Because this kind of projector is heavier, in the selection of hangers and screws, screw product quality or screw depth is not enough, which may cause the projector drop, if the installation position has a circuit or wiring, too deep screwing may cause damage to the circuit board or short circuit.

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RF power amplifier (RF PA) is the main part of the transmission system, its importance is self-evident. In the front circuit of the transmitter, the rf signal power generated by the modulating oscillation circuit is very small, and it needs to go through a series of amplifications (buffer stage, intermediate stage and final stage) to obtain enough rf power before it can be fed to the antenna and radiated out. In order to obtain a large enough rf output power, an rf power amplifier must be used. After the modulator generates the RF signal, the RF modulated signal is amplified to sufficient power by the RF PA, and then transmitted by the antenna through the matching network.

The function of an amplifier, which amplifies the input and output. The input and output contents, which we call "signals," are often expressed as voltage or power. For a "system" such as amplifier, its "contribution" is to raise the level of what it "absorbs" and "output" to the outside world. If the amplifier has good performance, then it can contribute more, which reflects its own "value". If there are some problems with the amplifier, then after starting to work or working for a period of time, not only can not provide any "contribution", but there may be some unexpected "oscillation", which is disastrous for the outside world and the amplifier itself.

Wireless transceiver modules are often touched in smart homes. So which wireless transceiver modules are there and how to install them correctly? Below we will explain the relevant knowledge of wireless transceiver module.

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The working frequency of the wireless transceiver module is 315MHz or 433MHz(there are other special frequencies as well). The acoustic meter resonator SAW is adopted to stabilize the frequency. The frequency stability is extremely high. Especially suitable for multi-receiver wireless remote control and data transmission system. The frequency stability of the acoustic meter resonator is only second to that of the crystal, while the frequency stability and consistency of the general LC oscillator are poor. Even if the high quality fine-tuning capacitor is adopted, the temperature difference and vibration are difficult to ensure that the adjusted frequency point will not be offset.

The wireless transceiver module adopts ASK mode modulation to reduce power consumption. When the data signal stops, the transmitting current drops to zero. The input end of the data signal and the transmitting module can be connected with resistance or direct connection instead of capacitive coupling, otherwise the transmitting module will not work normally. The data level should be close to the actual working voltage of the data module to obtain higher modulation effect.

Installation and use of wireless receiving module: it is better to install the wireless transmitting module vertically on the edge of the main board, and it should leave the surrounding devices above 5mm to avoid being affected by distribution parameters. The transmission distance of wireless transceiver module is related to the modulation signal frequency and amplitude, transmitting voltage and battery capacity, transmitting antenna, receiver sensitivity and transceiver environment.

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